TV MAN Red Collection - Full Report

TV Man Shades (sketch)

First Tv Man sketch in black book.

TV Man Shades G
oil on canvas 

40cm x 20xm

Ηe just came! 


Project in progress
Digital processing

Preparation for one big paste up poster with old newspaper.

Acrilics on Newspaper / 3,40m x 1,70m
Paste Up Poster /
Mixed media

First try
3,40 meters bigone poster's not a good idea

Parallel I found some pieces of wood which were painted
and so I began to brew and some small paintings

with the same theme.

Breaking News (sketch) 
Study sketch in black book.

Dollar Style Money G
First study
Ink on paper
14cm x 21cm

Collaboration with my friend H.B.

In the streets of Exarcheia / Athens.

 In Pittaki street of Monastiraki, Psiri / Athens.

Holiday inn
Kapnikarea square, Athens

In Sarri street at Psiri / Athens.

In Epikourou street at Psiri / Athens.



Study sketch G
Ink on paper 14cm x 14cm 
(private collection) 

Study sketch
Ink and pencils on paper 15cm x 14cm 
(private collection)

Prosperity in "Empros" Theater
Psiri / Athens

Indoor Collection

Breaking News 24.5cm x 27.5cm
Acryllics on wood and a screw (private collection)

Free 37.5cm x 28.5cm
Acryllics on wood and a screw (private collection)

Holy Guidance Start 41.5cm x 51.5cm
Mixed media (Available)


 Manipulation 43.5cm x 35cm
Acryllics on wood (Available)

 Stuck on Couch  44.5cm χ 55cm
Acryllics on wood (private collection)