"It was a time of prosperity so workers were happy, employers were profitable,
and everyone thought the good times would keep on rolling."

In an economic cycle in which conditions of relatively low-unemployment
and high total income prevail, leading to high purchasing power ..
(if the inflation rate is kept low).

Economic notions of prosperity often compete or interact negatively with health, happiness, or spiritual notions of prosperity. For example, longer hours of work might result in an increase in certain measures of economic prosperity, but at the expense of driving people away from their preferences for shorter work hours.
Data from social surveys show that an increase in income does not result in a lasting increase in happiness; one proposed explanation to this is due to hedonic adaptation and social comparison,
and a failure to anticipate these factors, resulting in people not allocating enough energy to non-financial goals such as family life and health. 

 "Fake Prosperity for another reason"

 Prosperity /Paste up on wall / Acrylics on Newspaper
N_Grams 2014
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